American Idiot Cover Design Analysis (Part 3)

Actually, Green Day have already seen that Bush was elected as president of the United States beating his competitors. However, it is an imbalance election; some candidates became merely puppets on display to fill seats. They had not power to compete against Bush. They were totally defeated. Green Day guessed that it was just a trick. They thought if Bush was elected, the government in that period was not far different from the administration of his father George W. Bush.

Green Day got warning from the Bush administration by what they brought to people completely without censorship. Even so, most of American society at that time confirmed what was said by Green Day. The people saw with the same paradigm as Green Day said that wasting much money by government only for the war was a very stupid act.

Green Day wanted to form the people perception to George. W. Bush through this album cover. The signification of American Idiot is that the Bush’s government is one of the worse American eras.  Bush always made a war policy to show American authority.They succeded making a bad perception to Bush by calling him American idiot. It can be seen from Green Day’s songs. They were perched at the top of the Billboard Top 100 at that time. American Idiot was very appalling. Bush policies that always take wars really make them productive spawning lyrical criticism.

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