How to be a Designpreneur


Design is one of the most valuable business. It needs creativity and innovation. Yes, design is about creativity and innovation. Therefore I say that design is a good opportunity in business. We can see logo design , graphic design, and advertising service are promising business for many years. People think that those business are held by experts. Hmm,   so how to be a designpreneur? Wait, I will bring you to see what is the reality of economic business today.

People said that there are many promising business in the world such as forex trading, managing education business, and so on. But I rather say design is the most difficult business to manage. Why? Because design is about uniqueness. If you make a big different in creating your designs, you are unbeatable. In the other hand, if you don’t make any differences, you will stay down.

It is different from electronic industry which also need more innovation than design, some people can imitate your electronic product easily. Not every people can make a good design. A good designer should have art skill, not only corel draw or photoshop, but also sense of design.

Here are the main point to do to become a designpreneur:

1. Make portfolio as many as you can

Portfolio is the most important thing to get customers trust, so if your portfolios are wonderful, they will not think twice to order.

2. Look for your first customer and treat him well

The first costomer is like a fish bait, give the best service to him and he will promote your company voluntary

3. Manage your time

 Design is about deadline, ten manage your time as well as you can. Rest up from your work in the night and get up early to do you job again.

4. Stay connect to designer forum

Stay connect to design forum to see what is the newest trend.

5. Learn and learn

Learn more to improve your skill and design knowledge.


After words, start from now and be a designpreneur!





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