How do you really know when you are downloading the
legit and official software beta version? Do you really go after
checking on the legitimacy of the site or the downloaded system?

Windows is expected to have an official download site
where its followers can have a sneak peak on their new products.
However, because people are expectedly excited about any
release that Microsoft has, there is a tendency that even before
the final version comes out in the market, unofficial and illegiti-
mate download file is already spreading in the Internet.

What are the impacts of downloading a system that comes
from an illegitimate website? Are there any difference?

Any downloaded software from an illegal, unauthorized
site usually is an incomplete package. Either the downloaded file
does not have the necessary files to support all the embedded
features on the software or the system that is being downloaded
is really missing some components. Either way, you need to
remember that copyrighted systems should be downloaded from
sites that are authorized by the manufacturing company.

So, if you are looking for a way where you can have a real
download of the Windows 7 OS, you need to specifically check on
the legitimacy of the site. Or better yet, use your imagination – if
the site is from Microsoft or if you see the domain coming from
Microsoft, then it could be a legitimate download site. Remem-
ber that a software downloaded from a legal site is like having a
real, licensed software from the manufacturers themselves.


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