The torrent site accounts to about 30% to 40% of the traf-
fic in the Internet according to many traffic experts.  The bit
torrent is a known pc to pc sharing of file that applies the peer to
peer protocol.  Usually, a large amount of data for distribution
(or commonly for downloading) is what Torrent drives at.  With
torrent any peer who downloads a file makes that file publicly
open to all other peers connected to the network..   Many software enthusiasts who live in downloading many
programs usually use the torrent.  However, many experts are
arguing about the way things are happening in a peer to peer
downloading using the torrent mechanism.  Since the file be-
comes publicly open when a peer downloads it via the torrent, it
leaves possibilities that modifications can happen to the recently
downloaded file – this is where crackers can actually work on
their intention.  This has prompted many people to refrain from
downloading the beta version of Windows 7 via the peer to peer

Microsoft who is fully aware of the possible consequence
of downloading the beta version from a peer to peer environment
made no official statement about the hypothesis of many experts
concerning potential  dangers that may happen when the beta
version is actually downloaded under this platform.  However,
Microsoft is firm with its statement that there may be a way for
crackers to get through the system but it is not going to be easy
for them assuring all people who download the beta version of a
safer and all-original Windows 7 beta version.

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