White MouseDoes your mouse stop when you move it from one side of the screen to the other? Have
to pick it up and put it down to get the cursor to move?

It is dirty! There are two types of mice, analog and digital. If you have a wired mouse and
it does not have a led on the bottom then it is a analog mouse. By analog I mean there is a
mechanism that moves the cursor. Turn the mouse upside down, you will see a small
neoprene ball. This ball moves two small bars (or wheels) that turn what is call a
potentiometer. Cleaning the Mouse (analog)

There should be a way to open the cavity that the ball is house in, some are plates that
rotate one way to open the opposite to close and lock. Open the cover, drop the ball into
your hand, using a lint free cloth and window cleaner wipe the ball, it has gunk on it from
the mouse pad.

Inside the cavity there should be either two bars and wheel or three wheels. Look at
them, you will see gunk that has built up over time. We want to remove this buildup. I
use a small screw driver but a paper clip that is straitened out will do the same thing. The
hardest part is getting the build up off the bars and wheels, they spin freely. When you
get the buildup off it probably fell inside the cavity, you can shake it out or turn the
mouse right side up and use compressed air to blow it out. Clean? Put the ball back in the
cavity, cover back on and lock it.

Mouse pads can be cleaned also, the cloth covered type can be washed with soapy
water, it will just take time to dry. Window cleaner works on the hard type pads the best.

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